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Tag: Seo

Building a SEO Friendly Blog: Using Markdown and Front Matter 4m Read

Published: 2020-09-25

In this series' previous installment, I covered the basics of creating a static generated site with Nuxt. In today's installment, I'll show you how to use Markdown and Front Matter to develop rich content for your blog

Building a SEO Friendly Blog: Getting Started with Nuxt 4m Read

Published: 2020-09-18

Throughout my career, I have worked with several firms that specialize in Search Engine Optimization. After you have worked with a few, you realize that much of SEO is a moving target, with no one being quite sure what is the best practice on all fronts. Company A will focus on each the path of each post

Building a SEO Friendly Blog: Adding Schemas and Open Graph Protocol 3m Read

Published: 2020-10-01

In this series' previous installment, I covered how to use markdown and front matter to create content-rich articles. In the final part of this series, I will show you how to help search engines understand your content by using schemas and Open Graph protocol

Generating a Sitemap for a JAMstack Site 1m Read

Published: 2020-09-13

Sitemaps are a great way of helping search engines understand your website. While modern search engines primarily rely on links to create their search indexes, this can leave lesser-known sites at a disadvantage due to a lack of external backlinks