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SVG drawing of female engineer

I developed a passion for programming after teaching myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make my own Sailor Moon fansite in fifth grade. I began my professional career in IT 8 years ago, working with legacy ColdFusion applications and currently spends most of my time working with Golang and Node.js. My interests include API design, software quality, clean architecture, and devops. I love learning new libraries and programming paradigms.


Golang Experience Level: expert

JavaScript Experience Level: expert

Node.js Experience Level: expert

CSS3 Experience Level: advanced

Docker Experience Level: advanced

HTML5 Experience Level: advanced

Microsoft SQL Server Experience Level: advanced

Nuxt.js Experience Level: advanced

Postgres Experience Level: advanced

Redis Experience Level: advanced

Vue.js Experience Level: advanced

Bash Experience Level: intermediate

ColdFusion Experience Level: intermediate

Python Experience Level: intermediate

Webpack Experience Level: intermediate

AWS Experience Level: beginner


May 2022

Axuall, Inc
Sr. Software Architect

July 2019

Axuall, Inc
Senior Software Engineer

August 2018

Qntfy, Inc
Software Engineer

June 2016

Dealer Tire, LLC
Senior Software Developer

April 2013

Dealer Tire, LLC
Software Developer

August 2012

Dealer Tire, LLC
Associate Software Developer

May 2012

Cleveland State University
B.S. in Computer Information Science

July 2011

Dealer Tire, LLC
Software Developer Intern

March 2011

Dealer Tire, LLC
Business Analyst Intern